How an Experiential Marketing Company in Singapore Helped my Store

I’ve always wanted to have my own retail clothing store. I’ve always loved fashion and wanted to design a clothing line. While I began my journey by selling my clothes online, I’ve always wanted a brick-and-mortar store to sell my products. I finally scraped up enough money to rent a space for my clothing store, but it’s been disheartening as not many people have been interested.

I was close to giving up, but I decided to give it another shot when I heard about what an experiential marketing company in Singapore could do for my brand. Here’s how I saved my company and clothing brand with the right marketing tactics and how you can use my experience to help your company flourish.

Revamping my Store’s Interior Design

When I hired the company, they told me that the first order of business was to redecorate my store’s retail interior design in Singapore. While it wasn’t poorly designed, they told me that a store’s interior design should match the brand’s personality and theme. Here are a few tips that I gathered during the experience.

  • Visual merchandising displays are an essential part of retail interior design. These displays shouldn’t just show off your product. Instead, it should be able to tell a story starring the product, which can lure customers into the store. For example, we created a summer-inspired setting for my merchandising display so I could advertise my swimwear line.
  • Improve the flow of the store. The goal of a store’s layout is to convince consumers to stay as long as possible, and a good flow would make that easier to accomplish. You can achieve this goal by creating a centrepiece in the store to lure in potential customers, similar to visual merchandising displays.

Using Experiential Marketing Techniques

With my store newly renovated, it’s time to create an event that could lure people into entering. We wanted to use experiential marketing in Singapore, which emphasises interactivity with the consumer base. It’s considered one of the most effective ways to promote a brand since it helps the audience have a more intimate connection with the brand rather than just a passive statistic.

We settled on opening pop-up shops in other locations, promoting both the online store and our main branch. The events management company from Singapore arranged these pop-up shops and came up with the interactive aspect: a colour-your-own-shirt event. I provided the customers with a shirt design, but how it was coloured would be up to the consumer, which helps them feel more connected to the fashion design process.

The Outcome

After our efforts, I see improvement and traction forming around my brand. As long as I keep up with the current trends and continue with more experiential marketing techniques in Singapore, I’ll be able to find more success with my clothing line.

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