4 Arcade Cabinets That You Can Rent For A Birthday Party

4 Arcade Cabinets That You Can Rent For A Birthday Party

Having an awesome birthday party that your guests won’t ever forget is a must. Although simple parties are already considered enough, making sure that your celebration is enjoyable for everyone is one of the main objectives when planning a party. After all, you aren’t the only one invited to the special occasion. If your guests don’t have as much fun as you do, you’ll feel ashamed and embarrassed for wasting their time. That is why parties are never complete without games. Musical chairs, charades, and ‘whisper down the line’ are the usual games that appear on the program of a birthday celebration. However, what if there was another way to make your family and friends have fun at your party? This is where arcade cabinets come in!

Everyone is aware of what an arcade cabinet is. Every game you can find and play in an arcade is an arcade cabinet or table. It may seem like the only way you can play these games is to visit your local arcade, but some services allow you to rent them instead. From shooting arcade games to basketball machines, you can pick various games to add more fun to your birthday party.

1. Basketball Machine

One of the most common games in an arcade is the arcade basketball machine. This is a game that tests your ability to shoot hoops without the need for a real basketball court. Some may say that it’s only a game for boys, but even young girls enjoy the thrill of a ball and a high goal. If you want a game that can accommodate any gender and age group, the basketball machine should be at the top of the list. You can also use it as a party game with a promised prize for the MVP!

2. Shooting Game

For young boys who love the thrill of getting hunted down by zombies, adding shooting arcade games can surely quench their need for a challenge. It’s fun to take down multiple targets with your good aiming skills, but it’s even more enjoyable to do it with some friendly competition. Since shooting games in an arcade are playable either on your own or with a friend, you can add it to the venue of your party so it can be available to all who wish to take up the challenge.

3. Foosball Table

It may not seem like it, but adults also have their fair share of arcade games! You can never go wrong with a foosball table from Singapore if you want to provide something for the grownups to play with. Adults love to compete with each other using this mini version of a soccer game, so bringing it to your party will most likely make the older guests excited.

4. Claw Catcher

An arcade is never complete without a claw catcher. Out of all the arcade cabinets found in an arcade, the claw catcher might be one of the cabinets that people visit the most. Whenever you aren’t able to catch a single prize, you can’t help but assume that you’d get it on the next try. It’s the beauty of a claw catcher! It leaves you wanting more no matter how many times you’ve tried it! It will surely leave your party guests entertained after they’ve eaten their fill from the buffet.

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