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Common misconceptions about technology and parenting 

Despite the number of centuries that humans have spent raising children, we still haven’t seemed to agree on the perfect way to raise a child. However, the good thing is that most parents try to do the best that they can. Thanks to the rise in technology, modern parents are still debating technology and how to use it with their children. 

Even with plenty of research available, there are many parents who still come into contact with myths about technology and their children. In this post, we’ll bust some of the most common myths. 

Cartoons are bad kids 

Many people believe that cartoons are simply colour and sound that offer nothing to help the development of children. Whilst this may be true of some cartoons, it’s not the case for all. For example, there are some great free kids cartoons that act like the folk tales of old. They capture important life lessons in a simple format that is easy for children to understand. If you show your children the right cartoons, they can actually be good for your kids! 

Screen time is always bad 

This, again simply isn’t true. Like most things in life, it’s all about moderation. Too much screen time will of course be bad for your kids. Too much water and too much fruit can also be bad for your kids. Provided that you find a good balance between technology and other interests and hobbies, technology is harmless. 

Screens should be banned 

In days gone by when there was just one TV in the house, this would make sense. However, in today’s world, most people carry at least one device around with them everywhere they go. So banning screens or technology is simply impractical as it’s part of our everyday lives. The idea to ban technology is aimed at avoiding kids getting addicted to it. However, this will simply make them want to use it more.

Instead, try to foster a healthy relationship between your children and technology. This will help them to succeed in our technology-driven world instead of becoming a victim of it. 

Parents who use technology with their kids are bad/lazy parents

Again, this comes down to moderation. If you plonk your child in front of a screen any time they’re annoying you, being noisy, or you leave the house, you start to move into ‘lazy’ territory. If, however, you only use it when you need to and in moderation, you aren’t doing anything wrong. Older generations of parents probably wish they had some of the technology of today to distract their kids on occasion! 


If you take one thing away from this article, it should be that moderation is key to parenting with technology. Too much or too little simply won’t be good for your child. 

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