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Best Shoes to Wear at Work

Shoes greatly matter at the workplace. They’re an essential part of your formal attire and there’s a particular way to wear them, the rules are quite strict, especially for gents. Selecting the appropriate business informal for men can be crucial and the wrong choice can leave you with an unprofessional image. You’re judged, based on the choice of your footwear. There is a vast variety of gent shoes for work, and your choice of footwear directly affects your professional image. Workplace shoes for gents need to be smart and formal. But a lot of people work in such professions that require special shoes to ensure safety and comfort as they have to be on their feet for long hours.

We’ve got your back, either you want to pick out formal shoes for your office or some footwear for your work to keep you comfortable. We have made this guide to help you select the right shoe for work, whether it is strictly formal or business casual.

1. Trainers

You must be wondering if trainers are office appropriate. If your office follows a dress code, you can wear low-cut and low-top trainers. But yes, definitely they are casual. For this you need to make sure the rest of your respective outfit meets the shoes halfway. You cannot wear them with your formal suit, unless it has an aggressive slim cut. Instead, choose separate jacket and trousers. You can also opt for something that goes both formal and informal, like a soft-shoulder blazer. White trainers look more charming, but they also get caught, whereas dark ones could fly under the radar. Use Nike discount code to buy trainers of your choice for your next meeting.

2. Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots are more charming than Oxford or Derby, probably the most styled shoes today, a polished Chelsea boot in dark brown or black with a smart cut formal suit pairs really well. Make sure the heel isn’t too high. Chelsea boots have made their mark, and become an essential in men’s wardrobe. They’re well-loved today. Similar to loafers and monk straps, Chelsea boots are considered as smart casual attire. It directly depends on how you carry it with different colors and materials. Nevertheless, you can wear them anywhere, whether at formal meetings or weekends, if you pull them off as easily as you pull them on.

 3. Loafers

Loafers are classic footwear. Casual business attire dress code and gent’s loafers are made for each other. Both express decent style and class. But you must keep in mind that business casual or smart casual is actually way more “smart” than it’s casual. Most versatile loafers are penny loafers and they can be worn with most suits; they can be paired with jeans too. It’s better to wear loafers with a more casual suit than a three-piece suit. Go for plain outfits and quality fabric. Also, prefer dark colors as they give you a more subtle look. You can also add some accessories to your outfit by pairing a nice watch and a rocking style.

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