5 Heat Tracing Must-Haves – Heat Trace Thermostat and More

Various commercial and industrial processes use heat tracing equipment, such as cables, valves, etc. These systems use electric heating elements, such as a self regulating heating cable, to keep fluids or other materials at a specific temperature. By keeping these at the right temperature, you’ll be able to prevent freezing or overheating. Either extreme could cause complications in your industry process.

If you use any industrial applications for your business, you may need heat tracing equipment. Before you begin your industrial process, here are five heat tracing equipment examples you may need for your property, such as the heat trace thermostat.

1. Heat Trace Thermostat

A heat trace thermostat is a device that regulates the temperature of the system. It can turn the heat trace on or off to maintain the desired temperature since it constantly monitors it with its thermostat. You can also set the thermostat to a specific temperature and program it with temperature limits to prevent your device from freezing or overheating.

2. Explosion Proof Thermostat

An explosion proof thermostat is required for applications with flammable or explosive materials. It can withstand any explosion or fire, making it a worthy investment for your factory. This thermostat is also designed to prevent sparks or electrical discharge. Without it, a fire could ignite the surrounding materials and worsen the situation.

3. Self Regulating Heating Cable

A self regulating heating cable is designed to automatically adjust the amount of heat it generates based on the temperature of the surrounding environment. The cable allows the system to use less energy, making it more efficient and cost-effective.

4. Heat Trace Termination Kit

This kit includes all the necessary components to properly terminate the heating cable and connect it to the power source. A Raychem heat trace termination kit typically consists of a re-enterable end seal for a heating cable.

5. Glass Tape for Heat Trace

This type of tape is used to secure the heating cable to the surface it is heating. It is made from a fibreglass material that is resistant to high temperatures and is designed to withstand the thermal expansion and contraction of the heating cable. Glass tape for heat trace is also often used as an alternative to heat trace tape.

Do you need heat tracing material for your industry, such as a Raychem heat trace termination kit? You’ll be able to find everything you need from Supermec, a provider of explosion-proof and heat-tracing equipment. To learn more about their products and solutions, you can contact Supermec through their website today.

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