10 Great Champagne Producers You May Know

10 Great Champagne Producers You May Know

Champagne has become the universal luxury drink, always present during a celebration. Whether it’s a wedding, a birthday, a victory or any other happy event, champagne marks the occasion and symbolizes joy. Who are the 10 best champagne producers in the world? Here is our selection!

Dom Perignon

Dom Perignon is a great reference in terms of high-end champagne. This producer has a unique style and a high level of refinement. As a matter of fact, the taste of a Dom Perignon champagne is known to be exceptional with grilled-toasted notes. More than just a champagne brand, Dom Perignon embodies French luxury.


Founded in 1584, this champagne wine house is the oldest of all. Its luxury sparkling wines stand out for their regularity and intensity. These are also powerful and perfectly balanced drinks which are well structured on the palate.


Fleury is known for being the pioneer of biodynamics in the Champagne region. Its champagnes are predominantly Pinot Noir, which gives them authentic flavors. Fleury is a visionary producer who never fails to surprise.

Jacques Selosse

Jacques Selosse produces its tasty champagnes from grapes harvested at full maturity. For the vinification, the house uses different origins of wood to create unique and typical flavors. The Initial cuvée has become its emblem.

Henri Giraud

Maison Henri Giraud remains faithful to tradition and ages its prestigious cuvées in Argonne oak barrels. It highlights a complete terroir using local wood species. The brand is particularly appreciated by those who love complex wines and champagnes.

Maurice Choppin

The Maurice Choppin estate extends over the terroirs of the Marne Valley. It has been run for more than 7 generations by a family of experts in oenology and in the art of champagne. Its products are solar and authentic at the same time.

De Sousa

The De Sousa domain occupies 14 hectares of vines, mainly Chardonnays with a few Pinot Noir. The brand was certified organic in 2010 and biodynamic in 2013. Its champagnes have creamy bubbles and refined notes.

Louise Brison

Louise Brison produces vintage and authentic gourmet champagnes with a minimum age of 5 years. It is the love of nature that drives this producer above all. Its champagnes seduce with their rare and generous aromatic expressions.


The vines of Rutat grow in the limestone soils of the Côte des Blancs which give them typicality and character. Balance, uniqueness and quality are the hallmarks of this great champagne producer.

Rare Champagne

The Rare Champagne House turns nature’s obstacles into vintages. As its name suggests, it produces rare top-of-the-range cuvées (only a dozen since its creation in 1976). We recommend this brand to beginners. Click here to read more about this.

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